Easy-to-use drain cleaning machine

Time: 2019-08-09
Summary: Mambacleaning sales use the drain cleaners by their own and deliver you the most authentic experience. They go to workshops to check the details and show you best services.

The day before the typhone come, our sales members get together to check the details and the operation of Mambacleaning drain cleaners.

A150 sectional drain cleaner is one of the hot sales. It is packed by plywood case and inner package is cartons.


The sales test the machine themselves and tell the using feeling to the tech. This moment we are the first guests of the drain cleaner. The machine noise is lower than the similar one machine of other brand. 

The protection hose for the cables is safe and secure. 

From the below pictures you can see when using the protection hose,we all want to close to the machine and cable. 

When not using the protection hose, everyone stayed away. :) Where are you, my friends? ahaha

The double insulation setting gives us the confidence to take apart the shell and learn more about the inside of the machine.

Do you want to try?

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