The toilet is blocked, 11 ways to help you clean it

Time: 2019-07-17
Summary: In our daily life, toilet blockage is common problem we facing. Here we will introduce you 11 ways to clean your toilet.

In our daily life, toilet blockage is common problem we facing. Here we will introduce you 11 ways to clean your toilet.

Drain cleaning skills No. 1: Bamboo cane dredging

Bamboo cane is resilient and hard. For some obstruction, we just need find a piece of bamboo cane to dredge for you.  It will push off the obstruction without hurting your toilet pipes.

Drain cleaning skills No. 2:  Hot water dredging

Some obstructions are sticky, soluble or shatterable objects. Hot water can wash them away easily.

Drain cleaning skills No. 3:  Water & Caustic soda solution dredging

Caustic soda is NaOH. It is a kind of strong caustic alkali. Boil a pot of water to melt the caustic soda and pull to the toilet. Any obstruction will be over.

Drain cleaning skills No. 4: DIY drain cleaning tools dredging

Buy a big bottle of coke. Drink the coke and cut off the bottom of the bottle. Put it upside down in the toilet then pull it upwards to take out a few times with your hands. 

Drain cleaning skills No. 5: Oxalic acid dredging

Use the right amount of oxalic acid to clean the toilet. The oxalic acid neutralized with the urine then to make the toilet be unimpeded.

Drain cleaning skills No. 6: Loach dredging

You can buy a loach to put into the squatting toilet, Pull some warm water into the toilet, the loach meet heat will desperately drill, to achieve the purpose of the toilet seat. If there is nothing hard, I think it will work out.

Drain cleaning skills No. 7: Mop dredging

The mop should be made of cloth. Pull some water to the toilet and use the mop push hard into the hole. You should make it fast so as to unblock the toilet make use of pressure.

Drain cleaning skills No. 8: Plunger dredging

The plunger is common household tool to unblock the toilets. It is also make use of pressure. Give a few sharp presses through the toilet hole every half month, your toilet will be good in use.

Drain cleaning skills No. 9: Hose dredging

Send the hose to the toilet pipeline and then breathe into the pipe. The obstruction should be pull away.

Drain cleaning skills No. 10: Chemical toilet opener dredging

On the market there are kinds of chemical toilet opening cleaners. If you get used to use them you can try. They are highly corrosive so it should be dangerous for the families with children.

Drain cleaning skills No. 11: Cables & Drill cutters dredging

Cables and drill cuters are working together with drain cleaning machines. It is a professional tool for kinds of pipe sizes, obstructions and woeking conditions. These kinds of drain cleaning machiens are always with motor power so they should be powerful than the above household DIY tools.

Different drill heads and cutters fo different obstructions: 

Hope your toilet work smoothly and have a happy life. :)