Troubleshooting for the Drain Cleaning Machine

Time: 2019-03-18





Motor does not start

Machine unplugged

Plug into power source

Fuse blown

Replace the fuse

Capacitor blown

Replace capacitor

Bad on/off switch

Replace Switch

The cutters will not cut

Cutting blade is dull

Replace or sharpen blade

Cutter is damaged

Replace cutter

Too much force being applied

Cut slower

Cable is not turning

Main channel is rusted

Take apart and remove rust

Clutch is worn down

Replace clutch

Handle not pressed down all the way

Engage clutch handle down all the way

The cable spins, but does not move forward or reverse

This is a non-automatic forward/reverse drain cleaner. This is a sectional type drain cleaner. It does not go in and out automatically

Consult the operating manual for procedures on standard operating procedures




Damaged Cable

Dull cutters

Replace cutters

Cutters not assembled in correct sequence

Put cutters in correct sequence

Low quality pipe

Make sure only pipe of good quality is used

Bad quality or insufficient thread cutting oil

Use only thread cutting oil in adequate quantity

Pipe turns while threading

3-jaw clutch not tight

Tighten hand wheel clutch

3-jaw clutch teeth dirty

Clean with wire brush

3 jaw clutch teeth damaged or dull

Replace 3-jaw clutch

Cable broken in the Pipe

Incorrect operations

See operational protocols. Get drill with helical shaft and extension to collect the broken cable

Prolonged use in “L” Reverse

Cable is stuck

Pipe has many turns and is very long

Increase push/pull force during operations

Change direction/angle of the cable

Cable will not cut through blockage



Blockage too hard

Gently push and pull the cable rotating clockwise. Have patience, sometimes obstructions take a while to clear

Use a different set up, smaller or larger. Operator experience comes into play on this

Complicated path to the blockage

Find a shorter route to the blockage

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