The Most Effective Tool for Cleaning Toilet Clogs- Toilet Auger

Time: 2019-03-18

Like a standard drain snake, the toilet auger has a cable that is rotated by the handle, but this tool is specifically designed for the toilet. 

It has a hollow tube attached to the elbow fitting. The elbow fitting has a rubber sleeve that can be used. Protect the toilet from scratches.

Of course, you can use a normal draining snake to clean the toilet blockage, but usually you will leave unpleasant scratches on the bottom of the toilet. 

On the other hand, the drainage auger does not scratch the ceramic of the toilet.

The flexible cable in the toilet auger enters the toilet drain through the crank handle, and the sturdy cable head is designed to remove hard wood blocks. 

This tool is not suitable for any other type of work, but considering that the toilet blockage is the most common plumbing problem you will encounter, it is a worthwhile tool.

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