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Does Mambacleaning drain cleaning machine feed cables automatically?

Yes, as a professional drain cleaning brand, mambacleaning can supply drain cleaning machines feed cables automatically. There are kinds of drain cleaning machines in Mambacleaning. Different structures determine different cable feeding ways. Setional drain cleaning machines in Mambacleaning Tools do not have automatically feeding devices. Drum drain cleaning machines in Mambacleaning Tools can be with automatically feed devices.

Can I have sample for test at first?

Sample is available for our customers We can supply sample for quality test at first, but need to charge for sample. After quality confirmed, and clients purchase in batch order, we will reduce the sample value in the order.

What kinds of training do you have?

Hongli Training System Hongli training aims to raise the employee level and to response to the company mission of creating a better living environment for its employees.

What is your repairs and spares policy ?

Mambacleaning not only supplies reliable, durable and professional tools but we also aim to provide an excellent service to installers. We offer a range of spare parts available for many products. If you require spare parts, please contact our offices who will be able to advise of list price and availability.

What is tax refund?

Tax refund is a policy in Chinato encourage exportation. The policy is only subject to normal exporting businesses, following strictly all exporting procedures.      In our operation,we will cut off the tax costs in unit prices and then get the refund from our government when goods are exported. In cash transactions, the policy doesn’t apply.

Can I use my own forwarder?

Your shipping forwarders are also acceptable. As some forwarders appointed by the customers charge high fees for customs and warehouse dealing, we may charge some extra cost incurred with your shipping agent comparing to ours as per the quotation of your forwarder.

Should I buy insurance for goods with sea shipping?

Yes , of course !Mambacleaning suggest our customer to insure the goods to avoid any loss in transportation.

Can I inspect my goods before delivery?

Certainly, before delivery, Mambacleaning will notify you the inspection time. And you could come to our factory by yourself or empower the third party (Like SGS,ITS,AQF  ect) for the inspection.

What is your main market ?

Hongli has been cooperated with many customers around the globe. Mambacleaning is a brand specialized in pipe inner drain cleaning machines and tools manufacturing and developing. The main market is for all the people needs drain pipe cleaning.

What is your usual port?

Shanghai and Ningbo are the most usual ports for us. If it is necessary to deliver items to other ports, please inform us in advance and there will be some inland delivery cost.

Could you supply customs clearance and declaration documents?

Yes, Mambacleaning will supply customs clearance and declaration documents after we ship the goods. Like Commercial invoice ,packing list, Bill of loading.Any other documents you need pls contact us without hesitate,we will try our best to meet your requirements.

What certificates do you have?

We have CE approval for products.And ISO certificate for our company.

Can I have my own LOGO on my product?

Of course, every client can has their own LOGO on the products. Samples or orders do not meet MOQ should be use Mambacleaning brand.Please prepare a PDF file of your logo and discuss the details with our sales before you place orders.It may involve the MOQ for different tools, please consult the details with our sales. For famous brands, we will need authorization to proceed. 

Could you supply Certificate of Origin?

The Certificate of OriginIn order to save your tariffs, our company will provide you with a certificate of origin according to the trade relationship between China and your country. When you doing customs clearance about goods, you can provide this document to thelocal customs staff. The Customs will be rooted in your country. Within the legal frame work to reduce or even exempt tariffs.The certificate of origin provided by our company is mainly divided into two categories - preferential certificate of origin and special certificate oforigin.The tariff preferential certificate of origin includes the GSP treatment granted by most developed countries to China (FORM A certificate), and China has signed bilateral or multi-variable preferential trade agreements with some countriesor regions (FORM B certificate, FORM E certificate, FORM F certificate, FORM Pcertificate, FORM N certificate, FORM X certificate, etc.).1.GSP Certificate of Origin (FORM Acertificate)The countries that can issue FORM A certificates are: UK, France, Germany, Italy,Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal,Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia,Estonia , Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland,Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia,New Zealand, Canada, Turkey.\2. Asia-Pacific Trade AgreementCertificate of Origin (FORM B Certificate)The countries that can issue FORMB certificates are: China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Laos and South Korea(Asia Pacific Trade Agreement member countries).3.China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Certificateof Origin (FORM E Certificate)The countries that can issue FORM E certificates are: China,Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia,Malaysia and Singapore (ASEAN member countries).4.China-Pakistan Free Trade ZoneCertificate of Origin (FORM P Certificate)Chinese products are exported to Pakistan, Chinese exporters apply to the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions for the issuance of FORM P certificates, Pakistan grants preferential tariffs for goods under the FORM P certificate; Pakistani products are exported to China, and Pakistani exporters apply to the relevant Pakistani authorities for the issuance of FORM P certificate, China gives preferential tariff treatment for goods under the FORM P certificate.This is reciprocal (there is a fundamental difference between the one-sidedbenefit of FROM A).5.The following FORM F, FORM N, FORM X,FORM S and other certificates are the same, are reciprocal preferentialcertificate of origin.·      China-Chile Free Trade ZoneCertificate of Origin (FORM F Certificate)·      China-New Zealand Free TradeZone Certificate of Origin (FORM N Certificate)·      China-Singapore Free Trade ZonePreferential Certificate of Origin (FORM X Certificate)·      China-Swiss Free TradeAgreement Certificate of Origin (FORM S certificate),·      China-Peru Free Trade ZonePreferential Certificate of Origin (China-Peru FTA Certificate)·      China-Costa Rica Free TradeZone Preferential Certificate of Origin (FORM L Certificate)·      China-Korea Free TradeAgreement Certificate of Origin (FORM K Certificate)