How to ship the goods?

Sea freight is for large quantity orders. Air freight is for urgent orders. Express freight is for light weight and urgent orders. How to ship the goods should be as per your need.

A.  Courier Service

Usually small sample or spare parts could choosecourierweightunder45KG.We have close cooperation with international express delivery companies such asUPS, DHL, Fedex, TNT, etc., to provide you with convenient and cost-effectivedoor-to-door courier service. After goods departure from Mamba, our logisticsdepartment will send you e tracking number at the first time and we will keeptracking of the status of the goods throughout the transportation process andthe estimated time of arrival, so that you can facilitate your customsclearance and production arrangements.

B . Air Shipping Service

For the weight is more than 45KG and less than 100KGgoods could choose Air shippingAirshipping is quick although it is expensive. When speed is taken intoconsideration, this method will be more effective. Some urgently needed goods areusually delivered by air freight.

C . Sea Shipping Service

For larger purchase, and theproduct demand time is enough, we recommend choose sea shipping, this canreduce a lot logistics costs, Mamba have long-term cooperation with many seashipping agent and sea shipping companies, will provide the fastest shippingschedule for you, On the other hand, you can also choose your company'sshipping agency cooperation company contact us arrange shipment.

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