How to choose suitable trade terms?

1.    EXWEx WorksIs one of the terms of international trade. It means that when MAMBA delivers the goods to the buyer at the place or other designated place (such as our factory, factory or warehouse), MAMBA will not complete the export clearance or on any means of transport..The buyer must bear the full cost and risk of receiving the goods at the MAMBA's location.

2.    FOB(Free On Board), also known as "ship delivery price", is one of the commonly used trade terms in international trade. Inaccordance with the FOB price of the transaction, the buyer is responsible forsending the ship to ship the goods, MAMBA should be in the contract of the port of shipment and within the prescribed period of time to install the goods loaded with the buyer'svessel, and promptly notify the buyer. When the goods are loaded on the designated port at the port of shipment, the risk is transferred from MAMBA to the buyer.

3.    CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight): The cost, insurance and freight (designated port ofdestination) means that MAMBA must deliver the goods to the ship destined for the port ofdestination at the port of shipment at the time of shipment specified in thecontract. All the costs and loss of goods or damage to the risk and handlingcargo insurance, to pay insurance premiums, and responsible for charterbooking, payment from the port of shipment to the port of destination of thenormal freight.

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