Could you supply Certificate of Origin?

The Certificate of Origin

Inorder to save your tariffs, our company will provide you with a certificate oforigin according to the trade relationship between China and your country. Whenyou doing customs clearance about goods, you can provide this document to thelocal customs staff. The Customs will be rooted in your country. Within thelegal framework to reduce or even exempt tariffs.

Thecertificate of origin provided by our company is mainly divided into twocategories - preferential certificate of origin and special certificate oforigin.

Thetariff preferential certificate of origin includes the GSP treatment granted bymost developed countries to China (FORM A certificate), and China has signedbilateral or multi-variable preferential trade agreements with some countriesor regions (FORM B certificate, FORM E certificate, FORM F certificate, FORM Pcertificate, FORM N certificate, FORM X certificate, etc.).

1GSP Certificate of Origin (FORM Acertificate)

Thecountries that can issue FORM A certificates are: UK, France, Germany, Italy,Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal,Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia,Estonia , Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland,Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia,New Zealand, Canada, Turkey.\

2. Asia-Pacific Trade AgreementCertificate of Origin (FORM B Certificate)

The countries that can issue FORMB certificates are: China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Laos and South Korea(Asia Pacific Trade Agreement member countries).

3China-ASEAN Free Trade Area Certificateof Origin (FORM E Certificate)

The countries that can issue FORM E certificates are: China,Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia,Malaysia and Singapore (ASEAN member countries).

4China-Pakistan Free Trade ZoneCertificate of Origin (FORM P Certificate)

Chinese products are exported toPakistan, Chinese exporters apply to the local entry-exit inspection andquarantine institutions for the issuance of FORM P certificates, Pakistangrants preferential tariffs for goods under the FORM P certificate; Pakistaniproducts are exported to China, and Pakistani exporters apply to the relevantPakistani authorities for the issuance of FORM P certificate, China givespreferential tariff treatment for goods under the FORM P certificate.This is reciprocal (there is a fundamental difference between the one-sidedbenefit of FROM A).

5The following FORM F, FORM N, FORM X,FORM S and other certificates are the same, are reciprocal preferentialcertificate of origin.

·      China-Chile Free Trade ZoneCertificate of Origin (FORM F Certificate)

·      China-New Zealand Free TradeZone Certificate of Origin (FORM N Certificate)

·      China-Singapore Free Trade ZonePreferential Certificate of Origin (FORM X Certificate)

·      China-Swiss Free TradeAgreement Certificate of Origin (FORM S certificate),

·      China-Peru Free Trade ZonePreferential Certificate of Origin (China-Peru FTA Certificate)

·      China-Costa Rica Free TradeZone Preferential Certificate of Origin (FORM L Certificate)

·      China-Korea Free TradeAgreement Certificate of Origin (FORM K Certificate)

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