Hangzhou Hongli Pipe Machinery Co., Ltd
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Pipe Drain Cleaning Machine
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No. 2 Xingxing Road, Xingqiao EDZ

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HONGLI PIPE MACHINERY---Drain Cleaning Partner HONGLI PIPE MACHINERY, established in 1986, has being committed to developing and manufacturing drain cleaning machines for tens of years.  In order to help customers deal with drain cleaning in complicated pipeline network and different pipeline condition, HONGLI is continually introducing innovative new products. With steady mechanism structure and powerful motor, sectional type drain cleaning machines A150 can extend the cleaning length to 50m. Angle adjustable drum type drain cleaning machines make cleaning flexible and simple. The application of pipe inspection cameras enables knowing the blockage condition prior to choosing proper drill heads. To be professionals’ vital weapons against grease, sediment, ice and other soft blockages, HONGLI drain cleaning machines apply to toilet, sewer, supermarket, central kitchen a...